My blog, my tagline, my voice…

So, it’s about time that I finally set up a blog after saying I would for months and months.  I do like WordPress, and will be jiggling the settings over time, no doubt…  A few words to explain what I’m calling this and how it relates to the world:

I’ve been thinking for some time about the title of my blog-to-be, and was alternating between “Share the Well” and “My Ebenezer.”  The first is the name of a Caedmon’s Call song that reminds us of our interconnectedness and interdependence across the world, and would be a good theme for a place to share insights that are maybe of use to us all.  But the second is a bit more along the lines of what I want to do, to mark the places where God’s given me a bit of help.  The name, “Ebenezer,” comes from 1 Samuel 7:12, where Samuel sets up a stone to recall that God had helped him that far…  This is more about me marking the learning and milestones than being a font of anything in particular.

And the tagline comes from something Sally Morgenthaler said during the pre-session of last year’s National Worship Leaders Conference.  She was talking about how the Old Testament features so many stories of leaders setting up rocks of remembrance for the wonderful things God had done for them–and we should each be thinking in the same way, littering the earth with remembrances of God’s blessings and grace and goodness.  There should be so many rocks everywhere that we all have bruised shins from running into them with every step.

Hope my voice here will be of interest and use.  I think my next post will be about a voice I know.

About puyman314

I am one of the volunteer worship leaders at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, PA, where I've attended since 1973. I was baptized, confirmed, married daughter was baptized and confirmed there...and I GET to be a worship leader there! I work hard at being a useful follower of Jesus Christ, and I try to share what I learn and my passion for worship with others. By day I'm a professional computer geek and 24/7 I'm a husband and father and son and friend.
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One Response to My blog, my tagline, my voice…

  1. danielt1241 says:

    Still in the first stages here, but im getting there…slowly

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