This Week: 20 in 10 at Hopewell UMC…

20 in 10 Campaign at Hopewell UMCThis weekend in our worship services we announced the 20 in 10 campaign at Hopewell UMC. It’s a 10 week effort to get 20 new faces to come sing with the worship team at some point during these weeks. We have cards in the bulletin and in the pews that invite attendees to indicate their interest in singing or to report on someone who they think are good singers (like informing on secret vocalists). We’re having open house evenings at the worship team rehearsals and opportunities for anyone to give it a try. We’re very optimistic that with the publicity and through personal invitations, we’ll see a real long-term increase in the number of vocalists we have participating across services and weeks!
Funny thing is…after the announcement was made at the opening time of the services over the weekend, I’d swear I saw fewer people than normal singing in the pews.  Maybe it was the song choice, maybe they’d had a bad day, maybe I was mistaken…  But just maybe they were all afraid of being “ratted out” as great singers by folks around them.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

About puyman314

I am one of the volunteer worship leaders at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, PA, where I've attended since 1973. I was baptized, confirmed, married daughter was baptized and confirmed there...and I GET to be a worship leader there! I work hard at being a useful follower of Jesus Christ, and I try to share what I learn and my passion for worship with others. By day I'm a professional computer geek and 24/7 I'm a husband and father and son and friend.
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