I’ve Got My Man Cave

Wanted to let everyone know I have my man cave!

It’s an amazing space–not one but two big screens (14 foot diagonal), kicking cieling suspended sound system to fill the room along with two huge subwoofers, loads of comfy seating with my preferred seat always reserved for me, dimmers for the lighting, ability to show and hear media from any source from computer to iPod to live, and a decorating style that is just really me. I really need to start inviting more guys over to see this place.

It turns out that this past Sunday for Ascension Sunday, our Pastor John was talking about the ascension story from the beginning of Acts when the disciples of Jesus got kinda stuck looking up at the sky watching Jesus’ departure rather than heading out to share the Good News as He’d instructed them. John reiterated that call to all of us that we need to go be witnesses as Jesus said, sharing what we’ve seen and experienced to ensure the world knows about the love of God. He made a point of saying that us guys need to get out of our man caves and go make a difference.

Well, I thought about that a bit. My home has no man cave (unless you count my workshop, which might be a different kind of man cave). But I was struck with how perfectly our sanctuary works as my man cave. I do love being there and I do need to get out of there and share the good news of Gods love every week. And I do need to get more men to come enjoy my man cave.

So, you’re invited! Come over some Saturday evening or Sunday morning. As a worship leader, I do try to be a welcoming host. And we have a great tech team to keep the equipment up to expectations. The messages are valuable and relevant, and the company is pretty great. Come visit my man cave!


About puyman314

I am one of the volunteer worship leaders at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, PA, where I've attended since 1973. I was baptized, confirmed, married there...my daughter was baptized and confirmed there...and I GET to be a worship leader there! I work hard at being a useful follower of Jesus Christ, and I try to share what I learn and my passion for worship with others. By day I'm a professional computer geek and 24/7 I'm a husband and father and son and friend.
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6 Responses to I’ve Got My Man Cave

  1. Cathy Waller says:

    Really wish that we lived close enough to visit some time.

  2. allenhumcwl says:

    Who knows, Cathy, maybe timing will work sometime when you’re in our neck of the woods! Hope all is well, please pass my greetings to Bill–us color-challenged gents gotta stick together…

  3. Dee says:

    ahhh yes…I’ve been in your cave…and it is good…
    hey allen, I’m on a crusade. check this out – http://www.theblessing.com/ – tell me what you think bro!

    • allenhumcwl says:

      Dee, so, is your crusade to spread the word about The Blessing Challenge, or is your crusade (which I believe is what you already do) to be the blessing in some childrens’ lives? I know you’re up for that kind of tall orders…

  4. My first response was to be envious of your man cave, until I realized it could easily be my man cave as well (nothing like God whacking you in the head with a message). It’s been a couple months since I have been to a service. I always make excuses not to take the step out of home because it will be too congested in the narthex, etc. My youngest son complains about going and refuses to attend with us. Unfortunately, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thank you for reminding me that I lead my family as much by what I don’t do as what I do do. In addition, I always get a warm welcome from several others in your man cave and I always return home feeling better than when I left. Hope to see you on Friday and Saturday.

    • allenhumcwl says:

      Glad that this was a useful nudge, brother. I do hope to see you on Friday morning and Saturday–maybe Saturday morning at Wyndham? I’ll be the speaker for the Man to Man breakfast and I’m hoping to provide some encouragement or ideas to everyone who comes…

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